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3.6 2,994 Ratings

Directed by : Puri Jagannadh

Release Date : | Length : 147 Minutes

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Temper is an action movie directed by Puri Jagannadh and stars Jr. N.T.R in the lead role


“Temper marginally rises above an average mass fare and gives NTR, the right showcase to put his intense chops to work.”

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Massively Different From Usual NTR Movies. Like 2% Different!

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Pop quiz time. Why does the hero give a boring back story in our movies?

To pass 15 minutes making sure all audience maintaining Indian punctuality are duly seated without missing anything significant. Actually, up until 30-45 minutes you are not going to miss anything.

The only evidence for a crime has disappeared, a CD. What happens next?

Think, think. You are tired of screaming 'Can't you make another copy'? What happens next will blow your mind away. They did make another copy in this movie, only to not talk about it till hell breaks loose!

What is the easiest job in India to acquire?

SI. In the movie, a pennyless orphan, decides to buy a degree and pass the physical test and became an SI.

What are the incentives of campus placement as cop?

Lots and lots of bribes. So much cash that you start wondering what the incentive behind collecting all the cash is. As smart audience, you will start being creative thinking about all possible twists, all the nice ways in which the money will eventually be used to prove the cop is a demi-god. Nope, not happening. Just for fun.

What is amazing about Indian media according to our directors?

That it is possible for a TV9 reporter to appear miraculously in New York within minutes of a revelation to cover the news. Here's me looking at all the poor Visa applicants taking perambulations at Visa Balaji temple.

How do you make sure you get a sentence you want from the judge in court?

Make fun of law and make sly comments. Of course, the judge is not smarter than a 4th standard kid and is hence so gullible, he will give a sentence based on the spur of the moment.

Reviewing movies starring larger than life superstars is always a little risky. I am already expecting a barrage of negative outburst, for in Tollywood, cults don't get touched. Every single time, I walk into such a movie, I only hope I get a decent flick, so I don't have to bear the brunt of angry fans. Temper was supposed to be a comeback movie for many - NTR, the director Puri Jagannadh who seems to have taken an active break from making decent flicks and producer Bandla Ganesh. But, minutes into the movie, my temper began to rise, for it was revealed with a bang that the movie is not around a good script (Vakantham Vamsi) like great movies generally are. It is around the hero and his personality. It is all about him.

The movie revolves around a corrupt cop Daya (NTR) who befriends a funnily dressed Vizag don, Waltair Vasu (Prakash Raj) who has four younger brothers (the same ones who do all the rapist roles in every movie and get smashed by the hero). They've gotten so good at it that they'll enact the whole getting lusty, scared, crazy and beaten up scenes in their sleepwalk. Daya keeps amassing wealth by helping Vasu in everything until he falls in love with a pet-loving girl (Kajal Aggarwal). Eventually, in trying to give his love the love she demands, he ends up protecting another girl, who in turn ends up being the sister of a tortured and brutally raped girl. The corrupt cop goes through a transformation, preparing eventually to give up his own life.

The movie has couple of good points, couple. One at the beginning and one at the end. Guess, creativity is so difficult to conjure these days, they are saved for those precious few minutes. Between them are packed lots of fun stuff, like a heroine, who can just take a break because she is really not needed, a villain who can take a break, because he is really not needed(Lo and behold, Prakash Raj in 3/4ths and ear rings, with couple of dance steps, which he does well, playing the fool), couple of character artists like Tanikella Bharani who can take a break, because they are really not needed and a Raja, our Raja, Posani who has played so many irritating guy roles that a clean cop role looks as bad on him as Justin Beiber in Dhoti kurta.

The movie is entertaining for fanboys, not because it is really exceptional but because we are in general used to lot of below-standard stuff. So, when we get below stanard that is not as below standard as some of the other below standard movies, we get really excited. About the only saving grace in the movie is that there is no Brahmanandam comedy. JP does a much better job giving you the only intentionally created laughable moments. Music by Anoop Rubens is ordinary, like he was competing with the average background score by Manisharma in a 'who can copy better' contest. Cinematography by Shyam Naidu was about par.

Now to the questions most fans really care about? NTR has loud, decibel and mercury raising dialogues? Yes. NTR has lost weight? Yes. Fight scenes are good? Yes. Whistle moments? Yes, one in the court. Okay, we will go watch it anyway, then. Won't we?

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