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Tommy, starring Dr Rajendra Prasad, Sita, Deepak, Mumtaj, Suresh, Raghubabu, L. B. Sriram, Surya in lead roles has been directed by Raja Vannemreddy. The film is produced by Hariramajogaiah and Bonam Chinna Babu. Music by Chakri.

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Rajendra Prasad


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Amateurish and overly melodramatic attempt!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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One man's passion is another man's torture. You remember those days, when you suddenly feel like you should realise your passion? Raja Vannemreddy the director had one such day and he decided to make a movie with a man and a pet. All good until then.

What the director missed is the fact that makking a pet movie is extrememly difficult as you have to deal with something that obviously cannot emote. They found a decently trained dog alright and Rajendra Prasad playing Professor Biswam doesn't need training but you still need good dialogues, good script and quite a few events. If the interval bang is about how a car accidentally hits the dog and how it escapes with just one injury on its leg, you could guess how intense the movie is.

From unnecessary and shabby blazers for educators in an engineering college to excessive melodrama for every silly dialogue, a borderline obscene love remake between an old couple and a terrible, terrible actor with an utterly fake, accent introduced as the love interest of their daughter for a few minutes - all these are just signs of how amateurish a movie could be. It is so poorly made, you will be bored even if it is compressed to a half-hour TV serial, never mind the intended twists and turns. You'll see a dog fetching his newspaper and phone for him but making a thief enter the house, playing strategies like a normal human and then making him sit there for 6 hours until the lady of the house comes - you must be kidding.

As if that isn't enough torment, you also have the tiffin-seller outside the railway station talking about his son in US all the time, an attempt at 'sentiment' that is as cliched as pathetic could be. You'll do better giving this one a pass, unless you are someone who enjoys the present generation TV serials a lot!!

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