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Directed by : Raj Kiran

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Tripura is a horror film starring Swathi Reddy in the lead role.


“Swati Reddy could have gone for a much better script.”

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Swathi Reddy


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Routine elements ruin a different attempt!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Raaja Kiran's first movie Geetanjali had managed to grabbed a few eyeballs. This time around, he ropes in Swathi Reddy to play the pivotal character and she shows how she is ready to play some serious meaty roles as opposed to her usual bubbliness. As a village girl, Swathi is very convincing. Trouble starts when she has strange dreams and they start coming out to be true. Her father thinks this supernatural phenomenon is a mental disorder and takes her to the city where she falls in love with her doctor, played by Naveen Chandra. Twist in the turn arrives when she dreams of killing her husband. The movie has an impressive cast and Rao Ramesh and Naveen Chandra both establish their credibility yet again, the former in particular. Saptagiri's comedy adds some entertainment but that is where the movie also wades in muddy waters. There were too many unnecessary cameos diluting the thrill given the movie was a horror thriller and not a comedy. Romantic songs especially when the thriller was longer than usual just didn't help you be engaged till the end. That dilution probably killed what could have been a decent watch!

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