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Directed by : Kumar Nagendra

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Tuntari is the official remake of Tamil film Maan Karate.


“Tuntari is a movie of amateurs by amateurs.”

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Nara Rohit


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Tuntari Review - A colossal bore!

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Nara Rohith's Raju is the namesake of a professional boxer called Killer Raju (Kabir). However, contrary to Killer Raju, this protagonist is laidback, lazy and jobless, until he falls in love with a pretty girl (Latha Hegde). Meanwhile, divine intervention plays a role when group of corporate employees get a sneak peek into the future and realise that in four months they win 5 crores backing a guy called Raju in a boxing competition. As if that much money exists in the world of club boxing. Extremely funny. No, not really. Anyways, thanks to their fate, Raju ends up winning without fighting until in the end he has to clash against Killer and the employees whose luck helped him sail through decide to ditch him for an extra crore. However, Raju is prepared to die to prove his love for the girl, considering she would leave him if she realises he is not even a boxer. Funny again. No, not really!

Tuntari is ultra bad, considering how little research has gone into the world of boxing. Even the so-called boxing champion played by the antagonist, is terribly amateurish, without any coordination or even the basics of boxing. Many of the scenes shot around the boxing ring are outright ridiculous. And the media chasing a guy as a champion, even though he is overweight and terribly out of shape and out of place in a ring is another joke. It is as if someone decided to make a silly movie around boxing without the basic actors, context or screenplay. All in all, Tuntari has a few laughs thanks to Rohith's natural acting, Shakalaka Shankar and Ali. But, otherwise it is stretched out and boring. Rohith would do well to hit the gym once again, get back into shape and pick up meatier roles in action movies, given he is a talented actor. Right now, he looks thoroughly disinterested and obese!

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