Ulavacharu Biriyani (Un Samayal Arayil)

Ulavacharu Biriyani (Un Samayal Arayil)

3.1 344 Ratings

Directed by : Prakash Raj

Release Date : | Length : 126 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.5/5
  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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 Ulavacharu Biriyani is an upcoming trilingual Indian romantic comedy film directed and produced by Prakash Raj. Releasing as Un Samyal Arayil and Oggarne in the Tamil and Kannada languages respectively, this is an official remake of the Malayalam film Salt and Pepper. Also with Sneha and Samyuktha Hornad on-board, actor Prak...more


“Ulavacharu Biriyani has some wonderful blush-worthy moments on display but fails to sustain the spirit it bears initially. As entertaining as the first half is the demotivating latter part that's more manufactured and doesn't go with the flow.”

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Prakash Raj


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Ulavacharu Biriyani (Un Samayal Arayil) Audience Review

You should have at least cast it properly

| by Rohit Penumatsa |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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Though stuck with playing the simplified villain in an assembly line of entertainers one cannot neglect the presence of Prakash Raj in our films. His love for the languages and the credible versatility he can showcase in playing an Indian from anywhere down south is unparallel. So I put all this together in my head about him being a great film artist and him turning director should be an exciting affair right? Factually, not so. He's directed three remakes so far and none seemed to push the envelope with regard to acting or directing. I don't get it; an actor so accomplished doesn't have an original story to tell us, nothing that can match his performances in some of India's finest films, commercial or otherwise.

So this new remake is the story of two single adults past the societal appropriate age for marriage and how it all turns around because of a mistaken phone call. Kalidasu (Prakash Raj) is a 45 year old archaeologist who lives with his uncle and is mad about food and cooking; so much so that he brings home a cook from a house where he's at to see a girl about marriage. Gowri (Sneha) is a 36 year old dubbing artist who hadn't had much luck with men in general and is fed up with desperate married men and the likes making moves on her or her companionship becoming a major conversational topic at home.

She accidentally calls him mistaking his number for a restaurant which sets off a series of phone calls that go from bitter to sweet long chats. The next turn in the story is when they have to meet for the first time and both of them worried about their age and looks send in alibis (his nephew, her sister) that in turn fall in love with each other.

There was this one long take in the film's beginning where the camera moves from one room to the other following Prakash Raj and MS. Except for this one shot I found rest of the film to be dull technique wise and the dialogue like any film being made in more than one language has a certain incompleteness to it. An actor directing a film should try to achieve or at least try to break this ineffective norm of written dialogue with frame exits, weighed and waited punch lines and happy montages of dissolves from one happy face to another. Show us something which would make this a special actor's project. Use our seasoned actors for improvisation that would make it fresh and original in its own way. Do something you wish the directors allowed you to do in your early days while you were still fresh and vigorous of the Shakespearian stage experience.

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