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Uyyala Jampala

Uyyala Jampala

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Release Date : | Length : 124 Minutes

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Uyyala Jampala is a comedy movie directed by Virinchi Varma and stars Avika Gor in the lead role


“Superbly written with adorable performances, Uyyala Jampala is a nostalgic throwback to innocent love stories. Though predictable, it makes for a must watch!”

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Avika Gor

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Rustic zephyr!!

Rated 3.0 / 5
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In a scene from the film Uyyala Jampala, the hero asks his friend to take few candid photos of his maradalu for a matrimonial alliance. Their conversation is as follows:

Hero: Do you know how to take photographs?

Friend: It's like asking S S Rajamouli whether he can direct films.

After a futile attempt at taking the photos, the hero rebukes him. For that his friend avers "Even Rajamouli can't make a Magadheera without the cognizance of hero Ram Charan".

There are many such subtle analogies that evoke laughter. Director Virinchi Varma has chosen a string of comic pearls and never ventured into crude humor or double entendre in this clean tale of love. The emotions are finely controlled and they never go overboard. He dazzles with sparks of brilliance that come in the form of crackling dialogue and loads of WOW moments.

The movie runs in a flashback mode. Suri (Raj Tharun) and Uma Devi (Avika Gor - Anandi from Chinnari Pelli Kuturu) are bava maradallu and childhood buddies. Though they are poles apart, they care for each other. Suri is a playful yet responsible lad and Uma always tries to spread her wings and falls for worldly desires. Jealousy bug bites them and the follow of events help them realize their love towards each other.

Uyyala Jampala may take you through the deja vu route of Nuvve Kaavali or Manasantha Nuvve or even Murari, and there's nothing that fuels your guessing game. But this story is not simple. It's simplistic evolution. It's an epitome of how to create an extra-ordinary out of ordinary.

Albeit the narration is refreshing, it could not stop some cliches to creep in. Questions such as How much freedom a village belle gets? Can she fall for a stranger and take an extreme step? Lead us into a querulous zone. Even the dream song in the second half curtails the flow. All these get overshadowed with the 'one scene' in the temple where Uma goes round with a varied pace. Watch this scene and it pulls you in. The immersive background score gets you into the mood.

Sunny M R carries forward his off-beat and gutsy trend of Swamy Ra Ra. Though the BGM is borderline classy, it becomes repetitive at places. The Lapak Lapak song has been creatively used as a narrative tool to tell a fair amount of story and also defines the characteristic traits of the lead pair.

The editing is crisp and the film's short runtime is an asset. Cinematographer Vishwa effortlessly induced a rustic flavor in all the frames.

The performances are top notch. Raj Tarun has a natural flair for acting and Avika stands out with her cherubic smile and expressions. The bubbly nature of Punarnavi is to die for. Second Hand fame Kireeti Damaraju flashes in a cameo and this time could tickle the funny bone. The supporting cast gets to shine in some well conceived scenes.

Uyyala Jampala is a 'no frills attached' love story. The moments of innocence and inventiveness surprise you. The predictable factor in the film takes a detour when it doesn't culminate into a tear-jerking finale. The film is like a gentle breeze, which greets you early in the morning amid chlorophyll soaked landscapes.

My Rating: Expectation - 5/10; Reality - 6/10

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