Kulfi (Vada Curry)

Kulfi (Vada Curry)

3.4 830 Ratings

Directed by : Saravana Rajan

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  • Critics Rating 2.9/5
  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Directed by Saravana Rajan, Vada Curry's release was halted for a long span due to financial issues. The film has the Subrahmanyapuram pair Swathi Reddy and Jai coming together yet again. As per official sources, it is to have an official release on the 19th of this June.

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Kulfi is a mishmash of ideas, none cooked to their potential

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Tamil filmmakers in recent times have experimented with a wide variety of movie narratives, including those which are closer to reality that mass entertainers far-fetched from the real world. However, Kulfi which starts off with a promise, doesn't really live up to the expectations and ends up being a painstaking watch that doesnt reward the viewer's patience in anyway.

Plot: Kulfi starring Jai and Swati, is a movie by debutant director Saravana Rajan. The movie dubbed into Telugu is about a medical representative, Harish, who has a crush on a neighborhood girl. He is convinced by his close friend that only a guy who owns an expensive smartphone can impress the girls. With a meager salary, Harish cannot really afford an expensive phone. However, his life takes a twist, when he finds an iPhone at a tea-stall and decides not to keep it for himself.

After using it for a while, Harish realises his folly and decides to return the phone. However, he gets embroiled in a confusion where he is mistaken for the original owner of the phone(Ravi Shankar), his pleas of innocence coming to no avail. Harish gets dragged into a criminal syndicate that recycles expired medicines back into the market and involves plenty of corrupt cops and politicians. How Harish proves his innocence to those who have kidnapped his friend to get back at him and how in the process, he exposes the whole syndicate makes for the rest of the story.

Themes & Execution: The movie has an off-beat narrative that portrays the whole story as close to real life as possible. However, when such a style of narrative is chosen, the director has to make sure that the script is taut and moves at a brisk pace to keep the audiences involved. In this movie though, the story doesn't really pick up speed until midway of the second half. The first half is entertaining in bits with funny jokes around owning a bad phone. However, a lot of the events in the first half, used to set the scene and develop the character end up being irrelevant to the movie. The climax of the movie borders on the ridiculous given how Harish, decides to tackle the problem and solve it.

Cast & Crew: The protagonist Harish, who eventually decides to take a big risk to expose the syndicate, comes across as a dull, often feather-brained person who is distracted at most times and uninvolved at best. Jai is a good actor but he is seen mostly confused and clueless throughout the movie. Swati's presence was a pull for the Telugu audiences but her role begs a very important question - does this movie really need a heroine, if this is all that you can offer to her? A below average OST doesn't help matters either, with the Sunny Leone item song proving to be the only part that garners any attention. However, most songs are unnecessary and come across as patchy additions to a narrative that doesn't need them. All in all it is a movie that pretends to be a serious, realistic portrayal of a subject but fails in a lot of counts, with threads not tied off.

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