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Kulfi (Vada Curry)

Kulfi (Vada Curry)

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Directed by : Saravana Rajan

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Directed by Saravana Rajan, Vada Curry's release was halted for a long span due to financial issues. The film has the Subrahmanyapuram pair Swathi Reddy and Jai coming together yet again. As per official sources, it is to have an official release on the 19th of this June.

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In Master's Footsteps

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Debutant Saravana Rajan, former associate of Venkat Prabhu, is someone who knows how to survive in the industry with cut-throat competition. He makes his directorial debut Vadacurry look like a mirror image of his master's style of filmmaking and I'm sure Venkat Prabhu, who also played a small role in the film, would've appreciated his effort. Instead of attempting to do something out of the box, Saravana faithfully apes his master in producing a film that has all the commercial elements intact.

The film has an interesting premise, about a guy who gets embroiled in a situation when he claims ownership of a phone that doesn't belong to him. He doesn't face any problems when he finds the phone and starts using it but when he finally decides to return it out of guilt, he gets involves in an organized racket which is known for reselling expired medicines in the market.

"Vadacurry" has a potential story that connects with you instantly, but the choice of bad ensemble cast that fails to deliver powerful performances doesn't give us an edge-of-the-seat experience. The lack of a powerful villain also doused the suspense that it was initially created with the villain's character and was maturely handled till the end until they make it look all cliched.

For a change it was lovely see Jai in a role quite contrary to the ones he has played so far in his career. He's not a great actor but shines when he lands in an apt role and this one was fitting for his image. Swathi and Jai make a great pair but as two individuals in the film, but as an actress you find her role very cliched with scope for performance. RJ Balaji as the hero's sidekick leaves the audiences in splits with his deadpan humour and one-liners.

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