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Veta (2014)

Veta (2014)

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“Terrible narration and outdated dialogues make this predictable action drama a boring film. Skip it”

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Srikanth (Telugu)


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Delivers everything it promises but does nothing else.

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Veta is a Telugu action-romantic film starring Srikamth, Tarun, Madhurima and Jasmine Bhasin along with Ajaz Khan of a reality TV show fame.

Directed by Ashok Alle and music composed by the legendary Chakri.

It is important to realise why we need Objectivism today and why the ideals of Ayn Rand stand victorious and proven, given the state of our culture of entertainment and story telling.

I appreciate all the efforts taken up by the team behind this film to keep us entertained, at the cost of our time and sanity.

For all eager review readers and fans looking for rabble rousing, you may contact me to find out how I survived this hall of horros, yet again. Until then I shall preach detachment and hope you go through a set of observations I have written down as guidelines for film making.

( everything you ever needed to know about this or any other film is right here! )

How To Make A Telugu Film :

Take any five recently watched Telugu films.

Take all the good (read : rare) parts of the five chosen films and promptly discard them. Now take the remaining trash and dump it into a story,any story will do, and add to it an inimicable lack of any talent or story telling capabilities. ( we are going to choke it down the audience anyway, doesn't matter how it is )

Now comes the most important part- nothing is as important to your film as a singular selling point. ( Which depends on who signed up as the cast, who is producing it and who thinks what about your film.. all of which has no bearing or relation to your film making endeavour )

In the case of Veta, the only thing standing out of the entire film is the uncanny resemblance between actors Srikanth and Tarun. Now that is an originality, an accident granted by the mysterious forces that run our universe. Anyway..

After you are sure that your film is a hundred percent tried, tested and verified for being a copy of a copy of another copy, you need an army of minions to dutifully engage our audience which is in dire need of daily entertainment. ( all of us are part of the grand consumer scam that fuels film making industries today )

Once your film is in the theatres, you can use any of the million market strategies readily available to ensure that it seems like a big success ( which is a deludsional euphoria to the detached 'audien' like me )

Once done, rinse and repeat.

Stills - Tharun, Srikanth 2Stills - Srikanth, Tharun 1Stills - Madhurima