Vinavayya Ramayya

Vinavayya Ramayya

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Stars Naga Anvesh, Kruthika in the lead roles and directed by G Ram Prasad.


“Neither Ramayya nor you should bother about this excuse of a film.”

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Rated 1.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Few minutes into the film, I realized that this is a remake of a not-so-good tamil film called Manam Kothi Paravai. Now, why would anyone want to remake a flop film? God only knows. But at least in the Tamil version there were some genuine humour moments, which were totally absent in Vinavayya Ramayya.

The film is about a teenage village Romeo, who is good for nothing and passes time with his "Thotti Gang". He falls in love with a girl and hallucinates and thinks even she is reciprocating to his love signals. So he builds a story and his friends starts to believe. One fine day, her father wants to get her married and decides the wedding date. The boy gets drunk and gets into the soup song mode. Unbearable to see his agony, his friends decide to kidnap the girl and take the couple to Kerala. After a few dialogues and sentiments, her dad gets her back to the village. What happens next is the climax.

The boy, Naga Avnesh is pretty good in front of the camera. His performance was decent for a debut film. The girl, Kruthika was ok and looks good but her emotions were lifeless. Her characterisation was not demanding acting skills as well. Prakash Raj, as girl's father was ok, but nothing impressive. The comedy gang comprises of Brahmi, Saptagiri, RGV Shankar and Ali, have huge runtimes but yet fail to tickle the humour bone. There were some humorous scenes, but those can be counted.

Cinematography was pretty good. Rasool has captures the picturesque locations and the rural environment in the best possible way. Music by Anup Rubens was not impressive. Editing was jumpy and film dragged big time. A few cuts here and there would have made the audience feel a bit more relieved.

The storyline was very predictable and lacked the fun element. Even the narration style was outdated and film moved at its own slow pace. The director has a lot to catch up with respect to the current generation. The comedy scenes were silly and wondering why Brahmi even picked this film. The romance portions between the lead pair was uninspiring and lacked chemistry. The film really tested my patience and definitely can be avoided. You will thank me later for saving your 120 bucks.