Yamaho Yama In America

Yamaho Yama In America

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Directed by : Jitender Y

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Sai Ram Shankar

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Yamaho Yama

Rated 0.5 / 5

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Director Y Jitender and Producer G V Goud could have just shot themselves in the foot. That would have been cheaper and less painful than making this terrible, terrible movie. In fact so bad was it that they must endeavor, in all good conscience, to refund the ticket value to the handful of people who came to watch this insult to the Telugu movie industry.

Sai Ram Shankar would do well to introspect and thereafter hopefully resolve to never act again - atleast as the leadng man. At best he can be one of the dancers seen prancing behind the hero. He plays Balu, an inadequately educated, fun loving- at-others'-expense rustic who actually has a heart of gold. Yawn. He is a Yama 'Bhakt' to boot. So much so that the Lord himself comes down to spend time with him as well as save him when he is almost killed trying to fight for the love of his life.

It is pointless to even try and give a synopsis of the movie. Unfortunate that Srihari, Rama Prabha and MS Narayana associated themselves with this movie. Srinhari and MSN almost take you back to the years gone by playing Lord Yama and Chitragupta but that joy is shortlived when they land in the USA and start pondering over sunbathing babes, burgers, toilets, soaps and shampoos (!!!)

Ms Parvathi Melton (Swapna, the doctor) is not a bundle of talent. She must have been completely desperate to have signed this film. Her emotions in the first half were one of three - acute case of shortsightedness ( the real kind), disgust or sarcasm. The second half when she falls quite irrationally in love with the 'intermediate fail' hero and his crazy histrionics, we wonder how doctors can be that stupid. Sigh !!

Supporting actress Sanjjana Galrani (or was she the item number) unintentionally comes across as silly.

Give the movie a miss. The 'A' certifiacation was probably a ruse to attract an audience !