Yamaleela 2

Yamaleela 2

3.0 529 Ratings

Directed by : S V Krishna Reddy

Release Date : | Length : 142 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 1.0/5
  • MJ Rating 1.1/5
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<p>Directed by SV Krishna Reddy, Yamaleela 2 is a sequel to the earlier Ali-Indraja starrer Yamaleela by the same storyteller himself which has consistently sustained its tag of being a cult comedy film. Mohan Babu will be reprising the role of Yama which was earlier donned by Kaikala Sathyanarayana.</p>


“Outdated narration and cliched scenes ruin not only this movie but also the wonderful memories of its predecessor. ”

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Yamaleela 2 – Oh Yama! Just Kill Me Already!

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What happens when God gives a man the following things:

1. Lots of money

2. Decent looks

3. Lots of friends giving wrong advices

4. Zero acting skills

5. Terrible sense of business

Oops! Cosmic Joke happens!

Dr. K. V. Sathish just made his debut with Yamaleela 2 and he produced his own film and I totally judged him. He ruined a classic like Yamaleela with this reboot version. A simple narration of the story will tell you why!

Krish is a young Oncologist (Dr. K.V. Sathish) who wears jeans and hoodies under a lab coat and works in a school chemistry lab kind of a set up. When his little niece (with amazing ventriloquial skills, thanks to a fully adult voice she can make while singing) gets diagnosed with leukemia, Krish finds uncontrollable motivation to find cure for cancer - Yes! Cure for Cancer! In a school chemistry lab set up! In 2 months time! His girlfriend Anandi (Diah Nicholas, apprently lost her way to RGV's office and landed up in S.V. Krishna Reddy's framing), who also wears heavy anarkalis and earrings under her lab attire, joins Krish on a journey to find that cure for cancer. That journey simply entailed going to kerala and digging up this plastic prop of a weed called Sanjeevini Booti. And after a little bit boiling the weed in burettes and dropping liquids through pippetes and getting some dry ice fog effect, Bam! You have this blue liquid which is the cure for Lukemia - the proof of it is even thoroughly established in this video animation when every cancer cell is being destroyed by Krish's Ujala Safedi formula Cancer Curing Formula. Anyway, there are a bunch of jealous pharmaceutical tycoons who are worried this formula will have them out of business, so they are out to sabotage his plan.

But Krish fights his way to the Himalayas, which was mostly a lot of graphics and stock shots from National Geographic. He finds the plant there as well but runs into Chitragupta because, that's obviously where our Gods hang out. Chitragupta (Standard Brahmanandam) hands him the book of Bhavishya Vani while he goes looking for Yamadharma Raja (Mohan Babu). The rest of the story just goes on with tug off wars between Yama having icecreams (himacremulu, which Good Ol' Satyanarayana looked so much more cute eating), the pharma goons, the kid with the creepily grown up voice, Sathish's zero acting face, and Yama and Chitragupta trying to get the book back from him. In the mean time, Krish finds the cure to cancer, cures his niece, gets stabbed in the back, dies, comes back from the dead, etc but his expressions DO NOT CHANGE.

Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam were the only hope for the film if you need to be diplomatic. Otherwise, Yamaleela 2 was just as ridiculous as the cure for cancer they cooked up in a lab in 2 months. Direction was old school and annoying. Logics kept getting thrown out of window. The jokes were NOT funny. And yes, this bunch just ruined my childhood classic Yamaleela.

So, here's my review:

Just don't watch it. Please.

(And apparently, we can't give ZERO ratings to movies on this site... if you know what I mean)

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