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  • Dhinakaran Manoj
    Dhinakaran Manoj
    Rated 4.0 November 22, 2018

    Nota Review

    nota is a good political thriller film. it has various elements which are useful for our society.one thing i must appreciate is they don't have a h... read more

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  • Samarpita Yashaswini
    Samarpita Yashaswini
    Rated 4.5 November 02, 2018

    This film will leave you awestruck!

    This movie is surely the best film of the year! With it’s larger than life sets, crisp dialogues and breathtaking visuals,this film is a definite b... read more

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  • Ruchi Dm
    Ruchi Dm
    Rated 2.5 October 04, 2018

    Pantham Review

    Verdict - Pantham – Social message told commercially-A good watch

    On the whole, Pantham is a passable social drama with showcases a decent message. Even though the story is outdated, director Chakri has made sure ... read more

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  • Mansi Bansal
    Mansi Bansal
    Rated 3.5 September 21, 2018

    Son of Satyamurthy Review-The actor Allu Arjun at its best.

    With the similar blastic and speedy style shown by the tollywood films, the film works well as an idea, and leaves you with enough questions and th... read more

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  • Ramana Reddy
    Ramana Reddy
    Rated 3.0 October 19, 2017

    Raja the Great Review

    Director Anil Ravipudi took a flat and routine story with bigger elevations scenes and positive fight sequences which will give this movie a positi... read more

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  • 123Telugu
    Rated 3.2 May 19, 2017


    Verdict - a stylish crime thriller to watch this weekend

    Coming to the director Sudheer Varma, his strength has always been a stylish narration and with this film too, he has made a simple subject look qu... read more

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  • ruthvik.thum
    Rated 3.5 March 25, 2017

    Movie for fans

    The story is all about Pawan Kalyan who solves the people by conflicts and fight.He has his brothers who fall in love with girls. They make Pawan K... read more

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  • 123Telugu
    Rated 3.0 March 17, 2017


    Verdict - A decent watch

    The second half of the film is where the actual drama begins. The entry of Sarath Kumar and how he takes things in his hands with a decent kidnap d... read more

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  • Times of India
    Times of India
    Rated 2.5 March 14, 2017


    Verdict - Aakatayi is a one-time watch

    Though a debutant, Aashish Raj doesn’t look like one and he carries off his character with effortless finesse. Rukshar Mir, who plays his lad... read more

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  • 123Telugu
    Rated 3.0 March 06, 2017


    Verdict - Watchable Entertainer

    "Dwaraka" rides on the popularity of Vijay Deverakonda and he certainly lives up to the expectations. He shines in his role as the small time thief... read more

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  • Achu Krishnan
    Achu Krishnan
    Rated 2.0 March 03, 2017

    Gunturodu Review

    Verdict - Gunturodu manages to be a one time watch; If you like masala movies

    Gunturodu follows the usual masala movie formula and thus gets distracted from telling the story it wanted to say. If you can deal with that then g... read more

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  • 123Telugu
    Rated 3.0 February 27, 2017


    Verdict - On the whole, Winner is a typical commercial entertainer

    Sai Dharam Tej is probably the best thing in Winner. Right from his look to his performance, Tej gives a sincere performance and lives up to his ex... read more

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