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  • Krishna Sripada
    Krishna Sripada
    Rated 1.5 November 11, 2015

    Maximum stupidity per square inch!

    Verdict - I wondered if spending time on a movie like this was worth it on Diwali. The answer is a loud no!

    Akhil is the debut vehicle of Akhil, Nagarjuna and Amala's son, who based on the number of screens he got, is already on his way to superstardom. W... read more

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  • Krishna Sripada
    Krishna Sripada
    Rated 2.0 November 06, 2015

    Routine elements ruin a different attempt!

    Verdict - Too scared to explore the idea.

    Raaja Kiran's first movie Geetanjali had managed to grabbed a few eyeballs. This time around, he ropes in Swathi Reddy to play the pivotal characte... read more

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  • Syeda Sidra Shah
    Syeda Sidra Shah
    Rated 5.0 November 01, 2015


    superb, fantastic, wonderful and beautiful movie I love to watch this movie again and again. I am waiting impatiently for its 2nd part. plz release... read more

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  • Krishna Sripada
    Krishna Sripada
    Rated 1.5 October 31, 2015

    A bad remake of 21!

    Verdict - Well, if you like a Telugu thriller, you can watch this.

    Director Gnana Sagar picked up 21 and decided to make a Telugu movie out of it. He picked up a bunch of other actors with little or no acting prowe... read more

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  • 123Telugu
    Rated 2.7 October 30, 2015

    Sher Review (123 Telugu)

    Verdict - Predictable Family Entertainer

    On the whole, Sher is yet another routine commercial entertainer that has come out this week.

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  • GreatAndhra
    Rated 3.0 October 23, 2015

    Kanche (Great Andhra)

    Verdict - War Is All About Love

    All in all, Krish has once again come up with a different movie with novel storyline. It appeals the film lovers and class audiences only.

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  • Gangadharam Peetla
    Gangadharam Peetla
    Rated 3.5 October 19, 2015


    superhit so megastar to the three stars rating paka megastar the flim I don't movie songs so 1st of super duper hit 2nd of just five minutes megastar

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  • Naga Bhandhavi
    Naga Bhandhavi
    Rated 4.0 October 19, 2015

    naga bhandhavi

    superb movie with superb logics mainly i like that heroin were only one dress till interval. main highlight songs. hero confidence, hero dance k... read more

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  • Rakesh Reddy
    Rakesh Reddy
    Rated 3.0 October 16, 2015

    Good effort but didn't fulfil the expectations!

    If there is one heroine, who can actually 'act', then it has to be Anushka. NOM to other heroines but Anushka had done more variety of films rather... read more

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  • kiranm
    Rated 2.0 October 02, 2015

    Commercial entertainer purely for Ram's fans.

    Verdict - Same old formula all over again!

    The novelty of this formula is almost gone. The movie shows two scary men at the beginning, one a factionist from Kurnool and another a power-house... read more

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  • iqlikmovies
    Rated 2.5 September 30, 2015

    Not a universal mass appeal movie but inconsistent screenplay

    In a nutshell, SFS is an age old story with an energetic hero (who can dance, fight and imitate his star uncles) and on top of it, an engaging narr... read more

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  • Chitraloka
    Rated 3.5 September 28, 2015


    Verdict - Go enjoy and get scared and entertained.

    Director Yogesh combines good aspects of story and narration. JK plays a painter. He buys the house of his teacher. He and his wife go to live ther... read more

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