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  • Anegan - love is in the air!!

    Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 13, 2015 17:04 PM IST
    3.4DM (2404 ratings)

    Verdict - Verdict - definitely a must watch for its intelligent screenplay by director KV Anand and flawless acting by Dhanush and Amyra.

    Anekudu (Anegan)Watch trailerRelease date : March 05, 2015

    Dhanush is back with Anegan, a film that really tests his wide spectrum of acting abilities. Director KV Anand is known for his social message based movies but in Anegan, he did a bit of experimentation with multi layered love spanning different time periods. Dhanush and Amyra too rised to the occasion and played all characters with utmost ease and perfection.

    Anegan is a simple love story spanning different time periods. The girl keeps getting memory flashes of her previous birth and her undying love for the boy. The catch is that they never get a chance to live together. Why? There is a flashback and bit of mystery to be solved. Will the current couple live happy ever after? You have to watch the film to know that.

    KV Anand has to be appreciated for picking up a simple love subject and weaving an intelligent screenplay around it. The way he connected the dots was interesting. Anegan is a love based psychological thriller with ample amount of twists and turns. The beauty is that he made this complex screenplay look so easy on screen. The detailing part was good as even songs have to be seen with extreme attention. There is a bit of history, lots of love and details on the gaming industry. The dialogues were crisp and made sense in the context of the scene. KVA has given importance to the script and proved that the script is always the king.

    Editing by Anthony was super sharp and tight. To make a complex multi layered screenplay look easy on the eyes, editing has to be good and in Anegan, it was brilliant. The runtime of 160 minutes is also under the bearable limits of the audience.

    Cinematography was totally awesome. What happens when there are two talented cinematographers behind the lens? A visually classic film like Anegan is made. The color tones, camera angels and character framing was too good. Anegan, a film with perfect visual grammar.

    Music by Harris Jayaraj is good but the BGM elevated some scenes to a new level. Dangaamari and Roja Kadhale shows the variety of this album with a mix of both folk and soft romantic numbers. Songs were visually brilliant, which helped in enjoying the song better.


    Its Dhanush show all the way, again. He has done 4 characters - a rural guy, a techie, a guy from a slum and the 4th character is a suspense. He showed a variety of expressions and emotions to suit all characters. Love comes so easily for him on screen and the romantic scenes looked natural. Dhanush, an acting powerhouse.

    Amyra makes her debut in Kollywood and she was a breeze. Her cute expressions will haunt you and she is like a drug, gets addictive as the movie progresses. Aishwarya adds a bit of glamour to the movie. Karthik, with his salt and pepper look and American accent was pretty decent. Jagan is a seasoned campaigner in KVA films and has given a needed humor break once in a while.

    Casting wise, Anegan is perfect with Dhanush expanding his acting abilities and Amyra is a surprise package. Her cute gestures will be much talked about.

    Overall review:

    KV Anand and Subha has to be appreciated to take a simple theme and neatly gift wrap it with some intelligent, but a little illogical screenplay. The story telling style was quite fresh. The first half slowly builds the suspense and the knots are neatly opened as we move towards the climax. Dangaamari is a riot on screen and Dhanush oozed with energy. Anegan is fairly engaging from start to finish. Its a neat script, backed up with some stellar performances. There are not much lagging moments except a bit before climax. Thanks to KVA, for not bringing in a forced romantic song in the 2nd half to jolt the momentum. Anegan, a simple love story that time travels and fiiled with lots of love. A super Valentines day gift by KVA.

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