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  • Sound of death bell

    Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 26, 2012 09:38 AM IST
    3.5DM (1798 ratings)

    Verdict - Trash It

    DaruvuRelease date : May 25, 2012

    Daruvu undoubtedly is Ravi Tejas threshold to failure. After three back-to-back duds (Veera, Nippu and Daruvu), finally, the times come for Ravi to revive his decision making ability. Director Siva gives the story a clichd mass appeal that fails to even entertain Ravis fans.

    Daruvu is the story of a common man Bullet Raja, most popularly known for his mischievousness and acts of thievery. Raja falls head over heels for Shweta without knowing he was inviting trouble into his life. Shweta is engaged to be married and her fiance is just not anybody local influential rowdy. Before you know, in a face-to-face encounter, Raja is killed by Shwetas fiance. Raj travels to Yamlok (world for after life) only to come to learn that he was deliberately killed and brought here. Raj confronts Yamraj, and in an effort to revive his mistake, Yamraj allows Raja to enter his look-alike body of Ravindra, a crooked Home Minister. What follows forms the rest of the story.

    The plot is not new at all to the audience. Weve seen it so many times since the days of late NTR to his grandson junior NTRs time. And fortunately every time the experience was worth talking about except this time. Daruvus biggest flaw is not in its actors or their performances but rooted deep within the script or writing department. The plot is inundated with so many loopholes that not even for five minutes was I caught by my attention. Unlike films such as Mirapakai, Don Seenu and Krishna that are touted to be Ravis biggest entertaining hit in the past were also films that I thoroughly enjoyed for its share of light, heartwarming comedy and plausible plot.

    I wouldnt blame the performances of anybody here because they were only living up to the role that was sketched by the director. For example; not even director knows, if Im not wrong, why is Brahmanadam named Vidya Balan in the movie? Or why does the opening scene of the film takes place in Chennai? With characters that irk you to the core, not even one character is worth talking about, including Ravi Teja. Tapsee has no room for acting besides the need to expose her skin in few scenes and songs. Comedy is clichd and most of it is repeated from the directors last film Souryam.

    The narration was haphazard and lengthy. Somewhere in the second half, youd be desperately hoping for the film to end because of its monotonous presentation. Daruvu also lacks originality as it looks similar to so many films of the past including Jr. NTRs Yamadonga. The visual department definitely couldve been better because in the film it looks cheap and artificial. The director and producer seemed to have a problem investing too much to recreate Yamlok instead they settle with an awkwardly looking Yamlok.

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    Daruvu undoubtedly is Ravi Tejas threshold to failure. After three back-to-back duds (Veera, Nippu and Daruvu), finally, the times come for Ravi to...read more