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  • Garam-less… Served too cold

    Raja Satish (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 13, 2016 12:14 PM IST
    2.7DM (389 ratings)

    Verdict - Stale film that’s insipid in taste

    GaramWatch trailerRelease date : February 12, 2016

    Whoa… this can't get worse than this. If you figure out a pattern in Telugu commercial potboilers you get to see the following overdoses.

    - A hero who's awaara to the core but with a goal (to be revealed in a back story)

    - A heroine who gets minimalistic acting chops.

    - A father who compares the hero with other well-settled IT folks.

    - A villain who's overblown as a yelling maniac and reduced to a buffoon in the later half.

    - A hero falling for a girl from the other religion.

    - Hmm… How comfortably hero and heroine are presented as neighbors.

    - A hero who finds his girl amid a huge crowd but fail to identify her when she comes close.

    - The story and execution get a lackadaisical treatment but the comedy takes an upper hand.

    - An inevitable flashback that brings another trait of the hero.

    - Songs and fights to fill the blank spaces and they add to 45 min of runtime.

    - The comic characters are heavily borrowed from other films; case in point, Brahmi as PK.

    Now these tropes make the plot of Garam crystal clear, so we need not spend a para there.

    The merits of film come in the form of Aadi's fine acting that impresses you in parts. He was stupendous in the first flashback episode but becomes dreary in the second one. Naresh also gets a decent role to play. The emotional pile up towards the climax is perfectly carved and the film ends with a decent dose of drama. However, as every other film, director Madan plugs in irreverent humor towards the culminating point to play it to the galleries.

    The demerits are spread everywhere. You try to palate one then suddenly another one pops up. The comedy episodes are overstretched. The fights make you lazy. The songs are mere speed-breakers to the so called narrative flow in this done to death story.

    Directors should appreciate the intelligence of the audience and believe that they have been watching everything that's thrown upon in the name of cinema. So, next time when you serve something stale and insipid, please bear this in mind.

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  • Krishna Sripada

    Krishna Sripada

    293 Reviews , 34 Followers
    Rated 0.5February 13, 2016

    Garam is cold and sink-worthy!

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  • Raja Satish

    Raja Satish

    195 Reviews , 74 Followers
    Rated 1.5February 13, 2016

    Garam-less… Served too cold

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