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  • Just for gags!!

    Raja Satish (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 20, 2013 16:30 PM IST
    3.1DM (781 ratings)

    Verdict - Although the story is devoid of new story-line and characters, it’s packed with many rib-tickling moments making it a onetime watch.

    Kevvu KekaWatch trailerRelease date : July 19, 2013

    Allari Naresh has carved a niche with his comic timing. Give him any story, and irrespective of the genre, he makes an incisive cut. Actors and directors should take lessons from him on 'How to make any moment a rib-tickling one'. Be it imitating the heroes of Tollyland, be it staggering in an ill-fitting suit, be it filling some spooky yet hilarious air around - he pulls everything with aplomb. May not be his best performance till date, but Kevvu Keka adds a pivotal cog in his performance wheel.

    The story of Kevvu Keka is simple. It's a poor man's struggle to earn quick bucks (in 6 months) to get his girl. The girl is in love with him, but the bone of contention is her father who wants to marry her into a rich family. The first half slides through amid all this build up and staged scenarios. Then there is comedy of errors waiting to be unleashed in the second. This leads to an over-stretched climax and a forcibly induced item number. All's well that ends well and curtains down.

    Allari Naresh helmed the film perfectly. He tried to maintain his comic vigor all through the film. He has an uncanny knack of transforming even a dull moment into a funny one. He along with Krishna Bhagawan is a treat to watch. The new heroine Sharmiela Mandre is disappointing. She just managed to make her presence felt with her catch phrase cheppesthaaru mari.

    In the second half, Ashish Vidhyarthi and Ali add more gloss on the comic template. Kiran Rathode came as a surprise element. The rest of the supporting cast did their best to take the laughter quotient up by few notches.

    The first half and the second half are not in sync with each other. You can find tonal shits in both. The first focused more on developing a decent comedy track whereas the second laid more emphasis on the confusion drama. Most of it has been dragged and the comedy portion in this area drooped a little. Even in terms of production values, there is a distortion. The first half was done on a shoe-string budget - a home turned 5-star hotel, and many more. Suddenly, the second half became lively with some sets, props and locations.

    Director Devi Prasad took the road often travelled and tried nothing new in terms of story-line and characters. But he should be lauded for his story-telling prowess and the way he packaged the entire film. He effectively managed to pull a decent first half but faltered in the second. The chewing gum like finale was a letdown. Watch Kevvu Keka for loads of LOL moments coming from Allari Naresh and other bunch of comedians.

    My Rating: Expectation - 6/10; Reality - 5/10

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  • Raja Satish

    Raja Satish

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    Rated 2.5July 20, 2013

    Just for gags!!

    Allari Naresh has carved a niche with his comic timing. Give him any story, and irrespective of the genre, he makes an incisive cut. Actors and dir...read more