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  • Power – Power-packed Entertainer


    Desimartini | Updated - September 12, 2014 16:16 PM IST
    3.6DM (1752 ratings)

    Verdict - Now we know the reason for the state’s power cuts. Mass Maharaja has got it all packed in a 3 hour mindless yet entertaining plot.

    PowerWatch trailerRelease date : September 12, 2014

    After a series of flops or insignificant fizzle outs, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is back with a film that fits his bill like a custom-made glove. Combining all the commercial elements of a mass entertainer, Power is a big budget colorful fest with surprisingly slick cinematography and also the usual uninspiringly brainless plot. But nonetheless, if "leaving your brains home" to have your occasional fun quotient is a real thing, then Power is a worthy bet this month.

    Plot: Tirupati (Ravi Teja) is a middle-aged smart, intelligent, sure shot fella who has a knack for solving problems with wit, charm and necessary amount of heroism. He is intensely passionate about being a police officer and tries to live his dream through his uncle Aanimutyam's (Brahmanandam) uniform and the silly opportunities that come along with it. His quest to be a police officer brings him to Nirupama (Hansika), a phony astrologer who convinces people into buying rings that promise to change lives. As she slowly turns out to be his love interest, roughly after 3 consecutive songs and 2 dance duet, Tirupati's quest finally gives him the opportunity to become an ACP. Bengal's Home Minister (Mukesh Rishi) finds him and tells Tirupathi that his face matches his dead brother ACP Baldev Saha and Tirupathi must return as him to save lives.

    His adventures and escapades as the new ACP, living in the shoes of a dead ACP with a complex history, his mission to alleviate corruption in the department and some other noble such missions make the second half of the very confusing yet engaging plot.

    Cast & Crew: Ravi Teja steals the show with his edgy, cranky and anti-hero histrionics as usual. And luckily since the story and character build up lives up to it, it seems like a good deal for him. Hansika and Regina efficiently play the beautiful damsels, who in their respective halves of the movie, appear when color is needed and disappear when grey cells are heeded. Brahmanandam is a charm - the episode when he uses the old Vikramarkudu dialogues satirically on himself or when he envisions a "Brahmi Dance" (Spoof of Lungi Dance) are particularly hilarious. Saptagiri adds his 'Akka' magic as usual - but akka-ing every pretty girl on the way is going to land you a bachelor Giri! There are a ton load of comedians and villains who keep coming and going - one who makes a mark is Sampath Raj (Mirchi and Run Raja Run fame).

    Some great styling and heavy budgeting on clothes has given a nice killer look to all the characters in the film. Ravi Teja looks rugged and handsome and so does Sampath, his opposing villain. Cinematography by Arthur A. Wilson and Jayanan Vincent is worth mention; this duo gives a nice rich look to the film. Producer Rockline Venkatesh, who did his fair share of Rockline product placement, has managed to get himself a good investment with this film. Thaman makes the same music with the same beats - you can literally start humming his older songs while these songs play. But at the end of the day, they're all catchy, so he won't get caught that soon.

    Shortcomings: The plot tends to go haywire with twists and turns and silly revelations. It might be a little drag with inception like flashbacks within flashbacks. Also, Telugu industry's fascination with West Bengal is something that beats me - especially when no effort is make by anyone to bring in any actual Bengali feel; even the press reporters, news readers and Pujaris speak suddh-telugu in the heart of Kolkata.

    But at the end of the day, it's a neatly executed mess packed with comedy, fights, romance and all the other spices. And this time, the formula does click. So you're in for a happy weekend if you're a Ravi Teja fan or are just looking for a steam blow-off.

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