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  • Would have been nice had it released on Father's Day!

    Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - April 09, 2015 16:45 PM IST
    3.4DM (3671 ratings)

    Verdict - It is entertaining and educative. Trivikram doesn't disappoint although he could have done away with some fluff!

    Son of SatyamurthyWatch trailerRelease date : April 09, 2015

    If you are a responsible son, about the only thing you care about, is your father's legacy, his goodwill. Viraj (Allu Arjun) was born and brought up as a pampered son of a millionaire. Yet, at the very beginning of his movie he is faced with a grave choice - Repay 300 crores worth of debt that his father has left him in or declare insolvency, enjoy life and let his father's name go to the docks. He picks the first option, because he is a man of values, values that have been handed down to him by his father.

    A Trivikram movie will never be bereft of some moral preaching, some educative message. He continues this trend by showing how much a true son cares about his father's name, respects it, fights for it. In doing so, he also weaves an interesting script where we are shown how our friends change with time and tide. Viraj fights on, proving first to his could-have-been father in law (Rao Ramesh), then could be father-in-law and dad's friend (Rajendra Prasad ) and to everyone else, how great his dad's values are. However, he faces the biggest problem when Devaraj (Upendra), a grey-shades village don who occupies the land his father had sold to a friend. Viraj wants that not 99 out of 100 but 100 out of 100 people should remember his father in a good way. In doing so, he has to find a way to get married to his lady love Sameera (Samantha) and avoid marrying the don's sister (Nithya Menen).

    S/O Sathyamurthy, starts out brilliantly. The dialogues, which are one of the greatest strengths in a Trivikram movie do not disappoint. Amidst the preachiness, there is some good wit brought out by Ali in the first half and Brahmanandam in the second half. Some added charm is brought by Sneha who plays Devaraj's wife. The movie is an ode not just to dads but also to feminism. While most Telugu movies are known for their chauvinism, this one has 'respect women' dialogues from start to finish, shown even in the way Devaraj loves his wife and pampers her, hidiing his real murderous form from her.

    While the music by DSP is about okay (unlike what you are made to believe by promotions), where the movie falters is in the second half and climax. Like in most Trivikram movies, the finish is quick and sometimes a little too nonsensical. While Julai managed a decent climax, this one goes down the route of Athadu, Attarintiki Daaredi and Khaleja, where the climax comes and goes abruptly, leaving the audience a little dissastisfied towards the end. Nevertheless, it is an out and out Allu Arjun movie where he fights some unnecessary fights added as commercial elements and dances and plots and contrives. Thankfully, most dialogues are powerful and subtle, Trivikram going for impact as opposed to punch.

    All in all, it is a watchable movie that will not disappoint. with humour being one of its strong suits, laced with philosophy. Plenty of examples from Mahabharata and Ramayana have been taken. One wishes though that Trivikram paid a little more attention to the finer details, whether it is the flawed character development or the sudden enlightenment that happens to some of the characters. Barring a few scenes, brilliant actors like Kishore, Sampath Raj and Nithya Menen have all been thoroughly wasted. Samantha is diabetic (please note the hero's choice leaning towards true feminism yet again) who provides some comic relief but besides that, she doesn't have much to do. A special note for the cutest child artist seen in recent times, Viraj's brother's daughter. Allu Arjun's styling is spot-on while Trivikram decided to take liberty against realistic depiction of fights. It is well-intentioned effort that could have been done with a little more finesse!

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