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  • Rendezvous with routine revenge!!

    Raja Satish (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - January 12, 2014 14:16 PM IST
    3.4DM (6360 ratings)

    Verdict - It has some edge-of-the-seat moments which press the ejector button on your seats. However, it slips into the rut of a regular revenge drama

    YevaduWatch trailerRelease date : January 12, 2014

    Finally, the wait is over for Yevadu. It pulls down curtains on the gossips with not involving in any sort of inspiration from the famous Hollywood flick. Though there is a faint reference somewhere, it can be overlooked. But in the tinsel town that's craving for novelty, it does nothing more than filling the air with cliches. Normally we are flooded with one tale of redemption; here, we have got not one, but two stories that connect at the middle point leaving you on a high.

    The film explodes in Vizag with Satya (Allu Arjun) and Deepthi (Kajal Agarwal) being chased by goons. Then the film shifts gears to Ram (Ram Charan) who's brooding and fuming to nail down few people who are causative factors for his loss. After the interval, the smoke trails leads to another story in Hyderabad where Ram gets into the revenge mode again. How Ram is connected to people in various cities and will he be successful in accomplishing his tasks forms the rest of the story.

    Director Vamshi Paidipalli takes the regular commercial pot-boiler template and tweaks it with some timely twists. He leaves no stone unturned in plugging the scenes with comedy and emotion. Though the sub-plots slightly disorient the film from its track, they are fun to watch. The mere presence of Brahmanandam makes us laugh, but not his well conjured jokes. There is an emotional undercurrent in every scene and most of the scenes hit the crescendo. The director was able to make the audience emote with the characters.

    What pulls out the magic from the film is the routine drama. A strong antagonist is pivotal to elevate the hero. That's going by the formula book. It all started with a film and every time when a big hero takes the mantle to save the society, the scene composition falls on the same lines. We need some sidekicks to take him away from the fuss, and alongside, bring to audience's notice that he is the only saviour. May be, Ram Charan never realized that in the later half he is reprising his role from Nayak. There is another rarity of this actor. He can effortlessly carry the same expression from the start to finish and stay callous to the mood and tone variations of the film. But there is one thing that makes him lovable - his dance moves. He dances like there's no tomorrow in Freedom song.

    Vamshi took good care to give importance to some of the supporting cast. Jaya Sudha was graceful as hero's mother and, arguably, this is one of the finest performances of Sai Kumar. Murali Sharma looks cool in his brief role of a cop. Also many characters in the second half are used effectively to accentuate the emotional quotient. However, he leaves many of them in lurch. Ajay, Rahul Dev, Kota Srinivasa Rao couldn't impress in their cameos. The major setback in the film is that - though there are three heroines, not even one stays for long and pulls off an impressive act. Shruti Hassan is only present for the songs and has no further importance.

    The camera work is replete with 360 degree shots that are typical of these films. It's high time, folks should learn that giving some motion to the camera and frames won't make it a motion-picture! Devi Sri Prasad sleepwalks churning the regular tracks for the background score. To my surprise, in the BG, there's an instrumental version of the charanam of Swapna Venuvedo from Ravoyi Chandamama. It may be homage to Mani Sharma. Some songs strike the right chord and some don't. Over all, it's a dismal show from an ace composer.

    Yevadu has an engrossing screenplay that sukcs you in. Some fine connectors and edge-of-the-seat moments frequently press the ejector button on your seats. However, it slips into the rut of a regular revenge drama that bleeds of banalities.

    My Rating - Expectation - 7/10; Reality - 5/10

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