10 most iconic one-liners of Bigg Boss

Author: Satish Sundaresan

Talk To The Wall”! The super stunning actress mostly used this line (‘read ‘tactic’) to shut up her fellow contestants when they used to try to act smart!

Hina Khan

'Maar maar ke mor bana dungi' How can anyone forget the raw and rooted Archana Gautam, who became a household name with the Bigg Boss show! In addition to that, her line also became famous all over…esp on social media!

Archana Gautam

“Jo mujhe chawal samajhte hain, unhe main biryani waali izzat nahi de sakta!”  This dashing musician exhibited another level (pro-max) of  self-respect when he mouthed this iconic line!

Rahul Vaidya

Akela Theek Hoon, Akele Se Phat Ti Hain Tum Sab Ki. You set the bar. I will raise the bar! This evergreen actor may not be with us anymore. But his memories and his famous one liner will always be there forever! This is definitely the most iconic line that has been told by ANY actor on the show!

Sidharth Shukla

“Baap pe jaana nahi...” His fights with Elvish Yadav made for solid fodder for the audience. It was during one such fight that he told this line!

Avinash Sachdev

"Systum hila dunga" No one will ever, ever forget this wild card entry who went on to create history by winning the show! He and his ‘systum-matic’ approach made him the darling of millions!

Elvish Yadav

“Tumhare pass toh dost bhi nahi hai dushmani nikalne ke liye."  This line was told by Ankit Gupta to Archana Gautam during nomination!

Ankit Gupta

This Bhojpuri superstar’s line “Zindgi Jhandwa, Phir Bhi Ghamandwa”, in no time, became the craze all across social media!

Ravi Kishan

“Tuada Kutta Tommy, Sada Kutta Kutta” This svelte lady created a flutter on the Bigg Boss show with this epic line of hers! The legacy of this one-liner was carried forward by the musician Yashraj Mukhate.

Shehnaz Gill

“Main Bigg Boss Ki Emran Hashmi Hoon”  She was totally full of life and one of the talking points of the show! This is besides her epic one liner, which stunned many an audience and also her fellow contestants on the show!

Sonali Raut