6 thrilling movies to catch if you liked Shaitaan

Author: Shivani Adbe

While primarily a horror-comedy, Stree incorporates elements of black magic in its story line about a vengeful female spirit who preys on men during an annual festival.


Bulbbul intertwines themes of folklore, mysticism and black magic in a period drama that follows a young bride's journey as she confronts supernatural forces and societal injustices.


The Exorcist is a classic horror film that explores black magic through the story of a young girl possessed by a demonic entity and the priests who attempt to exorcise her.

The Exorcist 

Don't be fooled by the idyllic Swedish setting. Midsommar plunges you into a pagan cult's twisted rituals, human sacrifice, and disturbing symbolism.


Roohi delves into the realm of black magic through the story of a possessed woman and two men caught in supernatural chaos.


Prepare to be unsettled. Hereditary unravels a family's descent into madness as they uncover a terrifying legacy of demonic pacts and generational curses.