9 controversial contestants of Bigg Boss

Author: Satish Sundaresan

Often referred to as the ‘queen of controversies, Rakhi Sawant has become a benchmark for the show as far as controversies are concerned. Even though she garners TRPs like nobody’s business with her motormouth, there are times when she goes seamlessly overboard!

Rakhi Sawant

His brash and unapologetic nature and attitude towards the show and also the fellow contestants made him always in the news. Mostly for his erratic language and violent behaviour, Kamaal R Khan aka KRK, eventually went onto become a self-confessed film critic!

Kamaal R Khan

How can anyone who follows the show forget Swami Om and his antics! Be it his verbal altercation with everyone or his physical one (when he threw his own urine on fellow contestants), he had become nothing less than a headache for everyone!

Swami Om

Prima facie, when she joined the show, she came across as one of the politest but smartest contestants. Eventually, she went on to become one of the most verbally violent contestants that the show has ever seen! She was evicted twice from the show!

Priyanka Jagga

There is no one who can dare to shut up Salman Khan. But Imran Siddique just did that! While Salman Khan was talking to him, Imran pointed at Salman and told him ‘Salman… time out’! Some guts!

Imam Siddique

She had the knack of picking up fights with anyone and everyone for no reason. The line, ‘Pooja what is this behaviour... get off my back… you crab mentality’… went onto provide fodder for many social media memes!

Pooja Missra

He was mostly known for his short-tempered nature. Added to that were his sudden outbursts which were nothing less than ultra-aggressive!

Armaan Kohli

Till date, one has yet to come across a lady who is as loud and hot tempered as her. Her stint on the entire show of Bigg Boss, till date remains memorable, mostly because of her ‘Oyeeeeeeeee… baap pe mat jaana’ line!

Dolly Bindra

He is someone with whom even Salman Khan had become visibly upset with. The kind of language that he had used towards the women folk during his stint inside the Bigg Boss house was just not at all permissible by any angle!

Zubair Khan