Ankita Lokhande reigns in black and white floral saree

Author: Shivani A

Ankita Lokhande, the reigning queen of Bigg Boss 17, graces the screen in a mesmerizing black and white floral saree, capturing hearts with her timeless charm.

Saree chic

Pairing her saree with statement silver jhumkas, Ankita strikes the perfect balance of elegance, ensuring her look is graceful without being overdone.

Jhumka glam

Ankita's makeup game is on point, featuring glossy perfection and a touch of pink on the lips, adding a vibrant charm to her overall look.

Glossy marvel

Her adoration for sarees knows no bounds, and her black and white floral ensemble is just another testament to her enduring love for this traditional attire.

Saree saga 

Fans can't get enough of Ankita's Bigg Boss journey, showering her with relentless support as she navigates the challenges with grace and authenticity.

Bigg Boss diva

Ankita continues to rule hearts with her signature style and timeless elegance wrapped in the grace of beautiful outfits. A style icon in the true sense.

Signature style