Classic sci-fi revisited: Top 6 must-watch retro films

Author: Achu Krishnan

Iconic monsters unite as a mad scientist's experiments spiral into chaos, unleashing terror and suspense.

House of Frankenstein 

Follows a man wrongfully accused who becomes invisible, racing against time to clear his name.

The Invisible Man Returns

A surgeon's experiment intertwines horror and science fiction, exploring morality in this gripping 1940s classic film.

Black Friday

A mad scientist shrinks humans, unleashing adventure and peril in this 77-minute classic sci-fi thriller.

Dr. Cyclops

A charming 1949 comedy where a baseball player finds unexpected success as a scientist with a groundbreaking invention.

It Happens Every Spring 

A thrilling wartime sci-fi adventure where an invisible man fights Nazi spies, blending suspense and action seamlessly.

Invisible Agent