Khushi Kapoor's studs are basically cherries on top of her gorgeous ensemble

Author: Khushi Chugh

Khushi Kapoor absolutely enchants in a dark multicolour printed strapless dress, flaunting a flared tulle frill skirt effortlessly making a fashion statement.

Fairytale fashion

Opting for a flawless makeup look with shimmering eyeshadow, magenta lips, open wavy hair and pink nails, she's basically the human version of a glam fairy tale.

Flawless and fabulous

Those cherry pink studs are the ultimate accessory proving that sometimes, it's the little details that bring the big flavour to fashion.

Cherry studs, crystal skies

Khushi rocks her multicolour ensemble, turning heads and making fabulous look like her daily dress code. Even rainbows are contemplating a wardrobe upgrade.

Rainbow wonder

Khushi Kapoor's debut as Betty Cooper in The Archies is causing ripples in the comedy-musical universe, and fans are eager to witness her in the movie.

The Archies

Khushi is the real-life Barbie, effortlessly stunning in a wardrobe that's a mix of vibrant hues and sparkles, making the world her glamorous dreamhouse.

Her world and we're living in it