Logic has left the chat: If Bollywood tropes were real

Author: Khushi Chugh

Bollywood villains have a PhD in evil monologues, laying out their plans like a sinister PowerPoint presentation. We don't need the TED talk on evil.

Villain Monologues

Amnesia is the go-to drama spice, conveniently arriving like an express train to memory loss junction. In real life, forgetting your keys is dramatic enough.

Amnesia as a plot twist

In the Bollywood universe, emotions come with a dance routine pre-installed. Meanwhile, in reality, breaking into a song mid-conversation might end you up in a mental hospital.

Inexplicable dance numbers

Families the size of a cricket team somehow share one bathroom without any conflicts. In reality, coordinating that many relatives would be an episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Huge families

Falling in love, at first sight, comes with a side of extreme commitment, where the hero might consider reincarnation just for a second chance at a date.

Love at first sight

Bollywood mothers-in-law could give Shakespearean villains a run for their money, orchestrating schemes that make these movies look like true crime documentaries.

Evil mothers-in-law

Courtrooms are a spectacle of high-octane theatrics. Lawyers unleash impassioned speeches and reveal last-minute evidence and the judge seems to change their mind.

Courtroom drama

Using an antenna to communicate with aliens like in the movie 'Koi Mil Gaya' would be quite strange, but imagine trying to explain that to tech support.

E.T would cry