Man Crush Monday: Ranbir Kapoor's charm is like a magic spell

Author: Shivani A

As years pass, Ranbir's appeal only seems to grow stronger. With each new project, he continues to reaffirm his status as the ultimate man crush material.

Timeless appeal 

With his effortless sense of style and impeccable fashion choices, Ranbir sets trends and leaves a lasting impression both on and off the red carpet.

Style icon 

Beyond his good looks, Ranbir possesses a depth of talent and emotional range that elevates him from mere heartthrob to a true cinematic powerhouse.


With a physique that's both lean and muscular, Ranbir's athletic build adds to his allure, making him a symbol of fitness and health

Athletic build

Ranbir's charm isn't just limited to his on-screen persona. He is also known for his humility, wit and down-to-earth nature.

Endearing persona 

With his mesmerizing eyes, Ranbir embodies the quintessential romantic leading man. His on-screen chemistry with ladies leaves audiences swooning.

Romantic leading man