Raveena Tandon shines in a traditional golden Gujarati saree

Author: Shivani Adbe

Raveena Tandon sets the bar high for wedding style with her golden saree and Gujarati drape, exuding elegance and grace at every turn.

Golden glam

Adding a dash of sparkle to her ensemble, Raveena accessorizes with a statement neck piece, earrings and a ring, blending tradition with contemporary fashion.

Style statement 

Embracing tradition with a hint of whimsy, Raveena adorns her bun with delicate white flowers, completing her look with finesse and grace.

Floral finesse 

Making a bold fashion statement, Raveena dons sunglasses that make her look edgy and set her apart as the ultimate trendsetter.

Sunglasses swag 

With a subtle yet striking makeup look, Raveena highlights her features with precision, showcasing her natural beauty with every glance.

Subtle sophistication 

Radiating warmth and charm, Raveena shines like a true golden goddess, spreading joy and happiness as she celebrates love and festivities.

Radiant in gold