Sequin siren alert! Shanaya Kapoor's mini dress is a constellation of style

Author: Shivani A

In a recent fashion escapade, Shanaya Kapoor stole the spotlight, shining brighter than the stars in a stunning star sequin-studded bodycon mini dress.


As the sequins caught the light, she effortlessly claimed the title of "Sequin Queen," proving that she knows how to shine in the fashion spotlight.

Sequin queen

Pairing the star-studded dress with a glossy pink lip, Shanaya demonstrated a perfect balance of glamour and sophistication.

Gloss goals 

Keeping it timeless, Shanaya adorned her ears with classic diamond studs. The choice of simple yet elegant accessories enhanced the overall allure of her look.

Diamond perfection 

Even in the glamorous world of celebrities, Shanaya managed to grab attention. Her bestie Orry called her a diva in the comments section!


Her starry look not only garnered likes but also left followers scrambling to recreate the dazzling ensemble for their own fashion adventures.

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