Tara Sutaria turns work mode into slay mode in a chic white blazer

Author: Khushi Chugh

Tara Sutaria captivates in her ensemble, commanding attention with a turtleneck black top, a mini skirt, and a white blazer, proving that fashion is her secret weapon.

Black, white and all right

Her makeup game is as sharp as her cat eye, wielding the power to turn heads and hearts, making it clear that her beauty arsenal is as deadly as it is dazzling.

Glam on fleek

In her black stilettos and silver hoop earrings, she subscribes to the less is more mantra, managing to make hearts stop and jaws drop.

Head over high heels

Draped in power and elegance, Tara's ensemble transforms her into the queen of the fashion chessboard, strategically commanding every stylish move.

Queen of style

In the suspenseful thriller Apurva, Tara is poised to seize the spotlight in the leading role, leaving fans teetering on the edge of their couches.


Tara, the ultimate boss lady, effortlessly conquers fashion with her blazers, proving that she dazzles the runway with her chic authority.

Blazing style