Thangalaan trailer reveals Vikram's powerful performance in historical epic

Author: Desimartini Editorial Team

Tamil superstar Vikram takes on the role of Thangalaan, a tribal chieftain, in this highly anticipated film.

Vikram in Thangalaan

Director Pa Ranjith's most ambitious project yet, Thangalaan, promises a visual and thematic spectacle.

Pa Ranjith's Epic Vision

Thangalaan tells the story of a British officer recruiting a tribal group to unearth a gold mine, leading to epic conflicts.

A Clash of Cultures

Thangalaan delves into themes of betrayal and chaos as the chieftain's alliance with the British sparks conflict.

Historical Drama Unfolds

Historical Drama Unfolds

Thangalaan is not only Pa Ranjith's most ambitious movie but also the most expensive film in Vikram's career.

Epic Production

Bankrolled by Studio Green, the filmmakers have high expectations for Thangalaan at the box office and awards.

Studio Green's High Hopes

Vikram promises a performance that will be remembered as a landmark in Indian cinema.

A Landmark in Indian Cinema

Thangalaan is expected to sweep major awards, aiming for both critical acclaim and box office success.

Sweeping Cinematic Excellence