Top 6 Christmas horror films you can't miss

Author: Achu Krishnan

A dysfunctional family faces a night of terror when they accidentally unleash an ancient evil force during Christmas.


A sorority house is stalked by an unseen killer during the holidays, escalating into a chilling suspense

Black Christmas

A holiday babysitting job takes a sinister turn when a home invasion leads to twisted Christmas terror.

Better Watch Out

Chaos ensues in 'Gremlins' as a small town faces mayhem when adorable creatures, fed after midnight, turn into mischievous monsters during Christmas.


In 'A Christmas Horror Story,' intertwining tales unfold supernatural horrors, blending festive cheer with chilling terror in this holiday anthology.

A Christmas Horror Story

A family Christmas getaway turns into a nightmare when a mysterious illness transforms the children into malevolent entities.

The Children