Twisted fantasia: 6 dark fantasy films you can't miss

Author: Achu Krishnan

A gritty dark fantasy depicting a mercenary's brutal journey through medieval Europe, filled with betrayal, revenge, and violence.

Flesh and Blood

Tim Burton's gothic fantasy follows Ichabod Crane's investigation into decapitations, revealing supernatural horrors in the eerie town.

Sleepy Hollow

A harrowing journey through plague-ridden medieval Europe, where a group of mercenaries encounter witchcraft and moral dilemma

Black Death 

A dark fantasy adventure where good battles evil in a mystical realm, with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry in iconic roles.


A timeless tale of a boy drawn into a fantastical world where he must save it from destruction.

Neverending Story

A surreal dark fantasy journey into a parallel world filled with strange creatures, magic, and mind-bending illusions.