Unsung heroes: 6 hidden gem superhero films you must see

Author: Achu Krishnan

A regular guy becomes a homemade superhero, exploring dark and comedic sides of vigilantism with surprising depth and intensity.


A team of misfit superheroes battles a villain in a quirky, hilarious satire of superhero tropes and culture.

Mystery Men

In a dystopian future, Judge Dredd dispenses brutal justice in a high-octane, visually stunning action-packed thriller.


A young pilot dons a rocket pack to battle Nazis in this thrilling, retro-styled adventure filled with excitement.

The Rocketeer

A security guard discovers his superhuman abilities, delving into themes of destiny and identity in this gripping psychological thriller.


Three generations of women with supernatural abilities reunite, exploring family bonds and empowerment in a visually stunning narrative.

Fast Colors