Vaulted thrills: 6 must-watch bank heist movies you can't miss

Author: Achu Krishnan

A charming bank robber and a federal marshal spark chemistry amidst a daring heist, blending romance and crime.

Out of Sight

Based on a true story, a bank robbery goes awry, leading to a tense standoff and unexpected twists.

Dog Day Afternoon

Vietnam War veterans turn to bank robbery in post-war America, exploring the struggles of race, poverty, and redemption.

Dead Presidents

After their husbands' deaths, widows plan a heist to repay a debt, navigating danger and betrayal in a gritty thriller.


A bank robbery becomes a cat-and-mouse game between a mastermind thief, a detective, and a mysterious hostage situation unfolds.

Inside Man

Gulf War soldiers embark on a gold heist, blending action, satire, and moral dilemmas in a gripping adventure.

Three Kings