Sonam Kapoor is soaring high in a dress that's as stunning as her style

Author: Khushi Chugh

Sonam Kapoor dazzles in a chic deep blue off-shoulder dress, its flared elegance leaving everyone enchanted. She leaves everyone breathless proving fashion is her forte.

Blue like the sea

Choosing a glamorous touch, she rocks subtle smokey eyes, a rosy blush, and pink lips. Her open hair adding the final touch of timeless elegance.

Glam on point

Embracing a minimalist charm, she skips the bling and instead dons chic black long gloves and knee-high boots. Who needs jewelry when you can slay with confidence?

Less is more

Sonam effortlessly banishes weekday blues in her stunning deep blue dress, proving that fashion is the best antidote for a mundane Monday.

Monday blues are now stylish

In the gripping crime-thriller Blind, Sonam takes command of the spotlight with her compelling portrayal of Gia,  weaving a suspenseful tale.

On the work front

Sonam Kapoor is the true blue trendsetter, gracefully dazzling in every shade of azure. Whether navy or sky, she turns every hue of blue into a fashion statement.

Blue magic