Sonam Kapoor redefines red carpet fashion with her bold black look, Check pics

    Sonam Kapoor Ahuja steals the show in a daring black ensemble at a recently concluded awards event.

    <p>Sonam Kapoor Ahuja</p>

    Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

    Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, the bonafide fashionista of Bollywood, made a striking appearance at an awards show on Friday night last week, commanding the red carpet with her edgy yet elegant ensemble.

    As the flashbulbs popped and the attendees admired, Sonam stepped into the spotlight donning a sleek black outfit that spoke volumes of her fashion-forward approach. The top was a structured piece with a daring cut-out that revealed just the right amount of skin, balanced by a high neckline that added a touch of sophistication.

    The outfit flowed into a form-fitting skirt that accentuated her silhouette, with a daring slit up the side that hinted at a blend of boldness and classic chic. This was paired with a black jacket draped over her shoulders, its texture adding a tactile dimension to the monochromatic look. The jacket's understated sheen reflected the ambient lights, lending a dynamic contrast to the matte fabric of her attire.

    Sonam accessorized her look with a pair of long, black gloves that reached past her elbows, evoking the glamour of old Hollywood with a modern twist. Her jewellery was carefully selected, with statement pieces that complemented without overwhelming her outfit. Her hair was pulled back in a neat, low bun, framing her face and showcasing her striking features.

    Sonam’s makeup was impeccable, with a focus on her eyes that were highlighted by a smokey shadow and a flick of eyeliner, while her lips were kept nude to not distract from her dramatic attire.

    With this outfit, Sonam Kapoor didn't just walk the red carpet; she owned it. Her look was a testament to her status as a trendsetter in the industry. The event, which celebrated the grandeur of film and fashion, was the ideal stage for Kapoor's style statement, one that will inspire fashion conversations in the days to follow.

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