Here’s why Karan Johar’s latest social media post triggered the netizens to get angry at him!

    After Karan Johar took to social media to give an update about the song ‘which is already echoing in all the hearts’, netizens got triggered!

    Karan Johar angers netizens over THIS song

    Karan Johar angers netizens over THIS song

    Besides having a keen sense of cinema, the celebrated filmmaker Karan Johar also is blessed with an acute acumen of music as well. No wonder then, most of the songs from his films turn out to be chartbusters, which eventually turn into evergreen tracks that get cherished by generations alike! The last few days, Karan Johar has been seen promoting his upcoming film Mr And Mrs Mahi big time on social media.

    Today, Karan Johar took to social media and gave an update about the film and its track. Karan Johar wrote, “This song is already echoing in all the hearts with just a small glimpse… and it carries on the purity of love that it did before… A song very close to my heart, soon to be yours from Mr. & Mrs. Mahi’. He then, captioned the post stating, ‘You know what it is….it’s coming soon!!!’

    In no time the comments section of his post got filled with messages galore from netizens all over. The reason? Well… for the unversed, Karan Johar was referring to the track ‘Dekhha tennu… Say Shava Say Shava’ (which was originally from the film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham), and now, it will be recreated (in parts) in Karan Johar’s upcoming film Mr And Mrs Mahi.

    The netizens got mighty upset about the iconic track being recreated, which stemmed from the fact that they just could not see anyone else to recreate the ‘masterpiece’ which is already been done by Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. 

    While one netizen wrote, ‘How do u have the audacity to recreate an Srk-Kajol somg WITHOUT Srk-Kajol?? First you say nobody can replace Srk-Kajol but then you're trying to "recreate the srkajol aura" with other actors by using their songs on other ppl. Im very disappointed with dharma prod’.

    There was another who wrote, ‘Srkajol song recreation?? Why ? Without srkajol’. Another netizen wrote,’'If you want Karan, I will pay you Rs. One crore right away to stop the recreation of the ageless track ‘Say Shava Say Shava’ in Mr And Mrs Mahi. Can Dharma Productions run under the leadership of anyone else besides you? 

    No naa… You are born to be leading Dharma, because no one can replace you or look like you by waering your clothes. That same way, no track can replce the magic created by SRK and Kajol in ‘Say Shava Say Shava’. You are just giving everyone a strong reason not to watch the film. At leat I wont,,,, till the time yu take off that track from Mr And Mrs Mahi’!

    As for the film ‘Mr And Mrs Mahi’, it stars Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor along with Rajesh Sharma and Kumud Mishra in important roles. The Sharan Sharma directed film will be released on May 31.