Decoding Sonali Seygall's enchanting ethnic look for Diwali celebrations, Check photos

    Sonali Seygall dazzles in an ornate saree at a Diwali celebration, showcasing festive fashion.

    <p>Sonali Seygall</p>

    Sonali Seygall

    As the festival of lights illuminated the city, Bollywood's own Sonali Seygall became the epitome of traditional glamour at a star-studded Diwali party in Mumbai that was held last week on Thursday night. Attired in a rich, russet-hued saree, Seygall's presence was a blend of traditional elegance and modern sophistication.

    The saree, a classic symbol of Indian femininity, was draped elegantly around her svelte figure. The earthy orange base of the garment was beautifully offset by intricate gold embroidery, which shimmered in the soft lighting of the evening. The borders of the saree were adorned with delicate sequins and beadwork, adding a touch of opulence to the outfit.

    Her blouse was a study in minimalism, complementing the ornate nature of the saree without competing for attention. Its deep, squared neckline and sleeveless design allowed for a display of Seygall's toned arms, while the matching colour kept the look cohesive and grounded in tradition.

    Seygall's jewelry choices were equally thoughtful. A simple yet elegant gold choker hugged her neck, accompanied by matching bangles that clinked melodiously with her movements. Her ears were adorned with traditional jhumka earrings, completing the festive ensemble.

    Her makeup was flawless; a subtle nod to her natural beauty, enhanced with a bold red lip colour that contrasted perfectly against the warm tones of her attire. Seygall's hair was pulled back in a sleek, low bun—a classic and practical choice that kept the focus on her radiant face and the details of her saree.

    This appearance undoubtedly set the bar for festive fashion this season, with Seygall demonstrating how traditional attire can be both time-honored and fresh. As the night progressed, she mingled with guests, her saree catching the light and making a statement of its own.

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