Disha Patani glows in emerald elegance at Ekta Kapoor's Diwali celebration, See photos

    Disha Patani captivates in a stunning green saree at Ekta Kapoor's festive Diwali gathering.

    Disha Patani

    Disha Patani

    The glamour quotient at Ekta Kapoor's Diwali party was set high as actress Disha Patani graced the event in a breathtaking ensemble. The celebration, hosted at Kapoor's lavish Juhu residence on Friday night last week, was a showcase of tradition, fashion, and the finest of Bollywood's festive spirit, with Patani's appearance being a highlight of the evening.

    Disha Patani, known for her svelte figure and fashion-forward choices, chose a saree that was a fusion of traditional design and modern sensuality. The saree, a sumptuous shade of emerald green, hugged her silhouette with a liquid-like drape that caught the light with every subtle movement. It was bordered with a thin gold zari that provided a luxurious contrast to the rich green, symbolizing the opulence of the festival.

    Her blouse was a piece of art in itself—a daring, deep-cut strapless number with a tasteful display of embroidery that complemented the saree's simplistic elegance. The ensemble was accessorized with gold bangles, a statement ring, and subtle yet striking earrings that did not overshadow the saree's allure but instead, added to its majestic presence.

    Patani's makeup was a celebration of her natural beauty, with a bold red lip that stood out against the green of her saree, and her hair was styled in loose, cascading curls that added a touch of romance to the look. Her attire wasn't just a garment but a statement of her persona—bold, beautiful, and unapologetically glamorous.

    As she posed for the photographers, Disha Patani's confidence was palpable, with the plush backdrop of vibrant flowers adding to her regal aura. The Diwali party itself was a grand affair, attended by celebrities who brought their A-game in fashion, making it one of the most notable nights in the festive calendar.

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