Pics: Karan Johar attends Isha Ambani's children's birthday bash with his twins Yash and Roohi in statement outfits

    Filmmaker Karan Johar was spotted with his twins Yash and Roohi at the festive party thrown by Isha Ambani to celebrate her children's first birthday.

    Karan Johar with his son Yash and daughter Roohi

    Karan Johar with his son Yash and daughter Roohi

    In the heart of Mumbai's exuberant social scene, celebrated filmmaker Karan Johar, accompanied by his adorable twins Yash and Roohi, graced the first birthday celebration of Isha Ambani's twins last week. The star-studded event was a carousel of glitz and affection, reflecting the warmth of familial ties in the midst of India's grand entertainment and business dynasties.

    Karan Johar, known for his impeccable fashion sense, stepped out in a striking pink shirt featuring a playful black Mickey Mouse print, unbuttoned at the collar to lend a casual yet chic flair. His signature spectacles framed his expressive face, adding an intellectual charm to his vibrant outfit. 

    The twins, Yash and Roohi, were the picture of childhood innocence and high fashion. Yash sported a bright orange T-shirt, while Roohi was dressed in a red tee with the word AMIRI emblazoned across the front, both embodying the joyful essence of the occasion.

    The trio's appearance was not just a display of style but also a statement of the joyful and carefree spirit that children bring to every gathering. As they moved through the throngs of guests, they were enveloped in an aura of familial warmth, with Karan's hands reassuringly placed on his children's shoulders—a tender image of fatherhood.

    The birthday bash itself was an event to remember, with the venue decked out in themes of fantasy and wonder, befitting the double celebration. Guests from various walks of life—Bollywood celebrities, business moguls, fashion icons, and media personalities—came together to shower the Ambani children with love and good wishes.

    The event showcased the seamless blend of opulence and intimacy that characterizes India's elite celebrations. It was a day where the laughter of children mingled with the hum of high-profile conversations, and where the innocence of youth met the sophistication of celebrity culture.

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