Rachel Brosnahan: From Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to Listening In, The Star's new scripted podcast

    'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' star, Rachel Brosnahan, takes on the audio drama world with her new scripted podcast 'Listening In,' set to enthrall audiences with unexpected twists.

    <p>Rachel Brosnahan (Source: People)</p>

    Rachel Brosnahan (Source: People)

    "'We Can't Wait to Share it With All of You': Rachel Brosnahan's Exciting Foray into the World of Scripted Podcasts"

    In an intriguing shift from TV screens to headphones, 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' star Rachel Brosnahan has ventured into the realm of scripted podcasts. As reported by Deadline in March 2022, Brosnahan is set to star and executive produce 'Listening In,' an audio series for QCode.

    Rachel Brosnahan (Source: IMDb)

    "From Screen to Sound: Brosnahan's Move into Scripted Podcasts with 'Listening In'"

    'Listening In' is a gripping narrative penned, directed, and executive produced by Sabrina Jaglom, known for her work on the feature film 'Jane.' The plot unwinds around a woman who becomes unwittingly embroiled in her neighbors' lives after her home sound system begins transmitting conversations from other apartments. This leads to a series of unexpected circumstances, as things aren't always what they seem.

    Adding her personal touch to the project, Brosnahan and her production banner, Scrap Paper Pictures, will produce alongside Automatik and QCode. The latter will also finance and distribute the podcast, bringing another element of suspense to the audio drama landscape.

    "Rachel Brosnahan: Breathing Life into 'Listening In'"

    The much-anticipated first season, comprising eight episodes, was set to debut in the Spring of 2022. Brosnahan expressed her excitement about the venture, stating, "I have loved working with Sabrina, our friends at QCode, Automatik and so many other fantastic talents to bring Listening In to life in the audio space."

    Rachel Brosnahan (Source: People)

    QCode CEO Rob Herting echoed her enthusiasm, praising Rachel's undeniable ability to bring characters to life and Sabrina’s riveting script and direction. He predicts 'Listening In' will be a wild ride for podcast fans, full of unexpected twists and turns.

    Automatik’s Mariel Redlin also voiced admiration for Brosnahan, expressing thrill at working alongside her and Scrap Paper Pictures to bring the podcast to life. As we dive deeper into our technological age, 'Listening In' promises to explore themes of privacy and voyeurism in a gripping journey guided by Sabrina’s engrossing writing.

    With her signature charm and talent, Rachel Brosnahan is sure to make waves in this new, audio-centric venture. One thing is certain - podcast fans should brace themselves for an exciting listening experience.

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