T20 World Cup 2024: Breakdown of teams in Group B and who could make it to Top 8

    Let's see which teams have nearly made it to the second round already, and which sides still have plenty of work to do.

    Group B in T20 World Cup 2024

    Group B in T20 World Cup 2024

    With so many games taking place every day in the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024, the tournament is moving swiftly, and fans don't know which games to follow - especially with the different time zones. The 20 teams were divided into different groups.

    So let's evaluate Group B and a look at the teams that have nearly made it to those that could make it. Let's have a look at their positions, points and Net Run Rate (NRR).

    Group B teams: Scotland, Australia, Namibia, England, Oman

    SCOTLAND (5 points | 2.164 NRR)

    The fact that this team is leading the points table is not astonishing, but it is unexpected. They won over Namibia and Oman after the rain caused a no result against England in Barbados. A victory against Australia would guarantee their spot in the next round, even though they have done enough to probably move on. But if Australia wins, there's a slim chance Namibia or England may close the gap.

    AUSTRALIA (4 points | 1.875 NRR)

    In their two matches against Oman and England, the Australians emerged victorious. They will rise to the top of the standings with one more win. They're comfortably positioned right now to advance to the next round.

    NAMIBIA (2 points | –0.309 NRR)

    The side is sitting in the 3rd spot after a win in the Super Over against Oman, but losing against Scotland in their second match. However, things will only get harder from here as their next opponents are England and Australia. 

    ENGLAND (1 point | –1.800 NRR)

    After the washed-out game against Scotland, which earned them 1 point, the team went on to lose against their arch-nemesis Australia. They'll need to win against Oman and Namibia as a minimum requirement and then hope that other results go their way. The most likely path for England is to rely on favourable outcomes from other matches, especially the Australia-Scotland one.

    OMAN (0 points | –1.613 NRR)

    The team cannot advance to the next stage as they have already lost all three matches they played. However, they have shown some impressive cricket, including putting up a fight against Australia.