Bradley Cooper's ex laughs off Gaga romance rumors post-Oscars

    A look back at Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's 2019 Oscars performance that sparked intense rumors and reactions.

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Source: People)

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Source: People)

    Back in 2019, the Oscars stage was set ablaze with a performance so intense that it left the audience wondering about the reality behind the chemistry. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's rendition of Shallow wasn't just a performance; it was a moment that transcended the screens and spilled over into real life – or so it seemed.

    The duo's palpable connection during their intimate Oscars performance quickly became the talk of Tinseltown and beyond. With a chemistry that could be cut with a knife, the stars of A Star Is Born had everyone questioning, "Is this just acting, or is there something more?"

    Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (Source: Variety)

    Adding fuel to the speculative fire was a brief yet telling interaction involving Cooper's ex-wife, Jennifer Esposito. The exchange began when David Spade, in true comedic fashion, posted a snapshot of the performance and bluntly asked, “Is there any chance these 2 aren’t fucking?” It was Esposito's succinct “Ha” that caught the virtual crowd's attention.

    While Esposito would later clarify that her laugh was aimed at Spade's audacity, the internet had already taken the bait. Her reaction, albeit a single syllable, was a wink to the curiosity swirling around her ex-husband and the pop sensation.

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Source: Eater)

    As the world buzzed with speculation, Irina Shayk, Cooper's girlfriend at the time, remained notably silent, offering no comments on the intimate Oscars duet. This silence did not go unnoticed, especially when contrasted with the outspoken concerns expressed by others like Mel B, who empathized with Shayk’s potential discomfort during the performance.

    Mel B's statement on Good Morning Britain resonated with many, as she expressed the collective discomfort felt on behalf of Shayk, citing the women's code and the hope that the performance was all in the name of art.

    Despite the whispers and the wonder, the Oscars night marked the end of an era for Cooper and Gaga, as their professional journey together wound down. With the media frenzy that followed, Cooper's pre-performance advice to Gaga to drop a little bit of joy into their song seemed almost prophetic, considering the joy – and the rumours – their performance sparked.

    As we look back from today's vantage point, that performance remains a hallmark of Hollywood chemistry, leaving us to ponder the fine line between art and reality.

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