Dallas Dupree Young shined as Kenny Payne in Cobra Kai season 5

    Dallas Dupree Young's portrayal of Kenny Payne in Cobra Kai Season 5 captured a compelling transformation from bullied to fierce competitor, captivating audiences.

    Dallas Dupree Young (Source: 1883 Magazine)

    Dallas Dupree Young (Source: 1883 Magazine)

    The introduction of Kenny Payne in Season 4 of Cobra Kai, the hit Netflix series set in the Karate Kid universe, marked a significant addition to the show. Played by the talented Dallas Dupree Young, Kenny's transformation throughout the series from a bullied newcomer to someone who turns the tables on his bully, has had audiences captivated. Young's foray into acting was almost accidental. The son of former Major League Baseball player Eric Young Sr., Young initially saw his future in sports. However, a chance encounter at an open call set him on a path to Hollywood, leading to roles in The Good Place and Mixed-ish, and even working with Steven Spielberg in Ready Player One. "I felt a love and a passion for the craft instantly," Young shared, reflecting on his unexpected journey into acting. His role in Cobra Kai stands as a testament to his versatility and appeal as an actor.

    In Season 5, Kenny Payne continued to harbor resentment towards Anthony LaRusso, mentored by the unscrupulous Terry Silver. Yet, despite some viewing Kenny as the bad guy, Young's performance garners empathy and support. "The best thing about my character in Season 5 is that you still see that kid in him at times," Young noted, highlighting the layers and depth of Kenny's character. Young's background in Taekwondo added authenticity to his role, with the show's stunt coordinators enhancing his natural athleticism. "I only had karate training when I was like 5," he remarked, acknowledging the team's contribution to his performance.

    The young actor's connection with the Cobra Kai fan base is evident, with endearing fan encounters such as playing video games at Dave & Buster's. "Everyone has been so nice and respectful," Young observed, appreciating the positive reception of his character. His portrayal of Kenny Payne has not only demonstrated his acting prowess but also added a complex and compelling layer to the beloved series.

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