'From BAFTA glory to twitter exit: A look back at why Will Poulter's 'Bandersnatch' role sparked controversy!'

    Revisiting the time BAFTA-winner Will Poulter left Twitter post 'Bandersnatch' due to social media trolls, advocating for mental health and endorsing Anti Bullying Programme. 

    <p>Will Poulter (Source: Teen Vogue)</p>

    Will Poulter (Source: Teen Vogue)

    Will Poulter's Twitter Exit: The 'Bandersnatch' Backlash Chronicles

    It was a moment of surprise for fans and followers when BAFTA-award-winning actor, Will Poulter, known for his remarkable role in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, announced his decision to part ways with Twitter. As reported by The Guardian in early 2019, this move was influenced by the sake of his mental well-being following
    unpleasant experiences on the platform.

    Bandersnatch: A Game-Changing Episode

    Starring Colin Ritman, the dynamic video game designer, Poulter's involvement in the avant-garde interactive episode from Charlie Brooker on Netflix caused quite a stir. As with any groundbreaking entertainment piece, the reception was a mixed bag of enthusiasm, criticism, and unfortunately for Poulter, unwarranted personal jibes.

    In a poignant statement, Poulter expressed, “I accept all criticisms” and voiced his appreciation for those who admired the hard work behind 'Bandersnatch'. However, the “inevitable negatives” from social media compelled him to reconsider his presence online.

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (Source: Dead

    Striking the Social Balance

    The dilemma of embracing the boons while evading the banes of social media is a balance most celebrities grapple with. Poulter's stance on this was transparent when he remarked, “There are positives to enjoy and inevitable negatives that are best avoided.” Addressing his struggle with this balance, he articulated the need to revamp his relationship with social media platforms for his mental health.

    Nevertheless, amid the cloud of controversy and personal decisions, Poulter's dedication to advocacy remained undeterred. His commitment to organizations like the Anti-Bullying Programme remained unwavering, a testament to his dedication to fostering a positive environment offline and online.

    While 'Bandersnatch' received mixed reviews with some, like The Guardian’s Lucy Mangan, heralding it as the inception of a novel genre, it was Poulter's personal journey post-release that remained under the limelight. His witty sign-off on his Twitter statement, “This is not the end. Consider it an alternative path.” speaks volumes of his resilience and perspective.

    Even as time moves forward, the narrative surrounding Poulter's Twitter exit and his advocacy for mental health remains an essential chapter in the annals of celebrity-social media relationships.

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