'I am Batman' - Michael Keaton steals the show in The Flash; How Antje Traue and General Zod rule an alternate reality

    'The Flash' trailer drops, revealing an alternate reality where General Zod and Antje Traue's Faora-UI rule, and Michael Keaton steals the show as Batman.

    'I am Batman' - Michael Keaton steals the show in The Flash; How Antje Traue and General Zod rule an alternate reality

    When the Batcave lights up, and Michael Keaton steps forward, uttering those legendary words, "I am Batman," it sends shivers down your spine. As reported by The Mary Sue, the highly anticipated trailer for 'The Flash' that aired during the Super Bowl gave fans more than just a glimpse of Ezra Miller's lightning-fast hero.

    Messing with time has never been a light matter, especially in the comic universe. But when Barry Allen decides to go back in time to prevent his mother's death, things take a thrilling twist. The result? An alternate reality devoid of metahumans, where General Zod (Michael Shannon) rules, and Antje Traue's Faora-UI is alive and kicking.

    Fans will remember Traue's strong performance in 'Man of Steel,' and her return in this alternate universe adds intrigue and depth to the storyline. Supergirl instead of Superman? Anything is possible in this daring new reality.

    The question of who plays Batman in 'The Flash' is no ordinary riddle. It's one with two answers.

    Affleck's return as the current main-timeline Batman stays true to the DCEU legacy. He's seen warning Barry about the dangers of time-traveling - sage advice indeed!

    But it's Michael Keaton's iconic portrayal of Batman in this new world that steals the spotlight. The sheer brilliance of that moment, soaring through the Batcave and vanquishing a villain, leaves fans nostalgic and eager.

    "Hence, both Affleck and Keaton portray Batman in 'The Flash'. Affleck is the same Batman we’ve seen before in the DCEU, while Keaton portrays an alternate version of the character in a separate universe," as detailed in the source.

    Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and brace yourselves for a superhero saga unlike any other. Warner Bros. and DCU are hyping up 'The Flash' for good reason. The controversy aside, this film has all the ingredients to be a summer blockbuster.

    From the engaging storyline and alternate universe excitement to the promising return of Antje Traue and a double dose of Batman - the hype is real, and the wait is shortened to June 16.

    So grab your popcorn and your flashiest superhero gear; 'The Flash' is zooming into theaters, promising a ride through time, space, and realities that you won't want to miss.

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