'It’ll melt your face!' - Rob Liefeld hints at explosive details in upcoming Deadpool 3

    Deadpool 3 creator Rob Liefeld teases new merchandise and explosive details for the upcoming film. With Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman on board, the hype for the movie skyrockets despite delays.

    <p>Deadpool and Wolverine (source Polygon)</p>

    Deadpool and Wolverine (source Polygon)

    Deadpool 3: A Hype Train That Refuses to Slow Down!

    Every superhero fanatic is holding their breath for the return of the quirkiest anti-hero - Deadpool. But with the recent tease of merchandise for the much-awaited Deadpool 3, it seems the air is thick with anticipation and the whistle of the hype train is louder than ever!

    The Merc, The Wolverine, and A Hint of Mystery

    Once Deadpool 2 hit the silver screen back in 2018, fans everywhere were left yearning for more of Ryan Reynolds' snarky charm. And boy, is the universe listening! Not only is Reynolds set to don the infamous red suit again, but he's also bringing along Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine for the ride. And get this - the dynamic duo was spotted tussling in what appeared to be a sandy set, as reported by The Direct.

    Teased Merchandise & A Wave of Excitement

    Now, for those who think the excitement ends there, think again. A recent buzz on X (the platform we all know as the former Twitter) revealed listings for the first-ever Deadpool 3 merchandise – a tantalizing duo of Funko Pop! figures. Though the Amazon UK listing played coy by only showing silhouettes, the figures were intriguingly labeled under the film's working title, 'Tidal Wave'.

    Deadpool 3 (Source: X)

    The hype doesn't just end at mysterious Funkos. "The hype begins..." - teased Rob Liefeld, the brain behind Deadpool. And boy, did he have some bold claims in a chat with Nuke the Fridge, stating, "The stuff I know it will melt your face, alright? That’s all I’m going to say, it’ll melt your face!"

    There’s more mystery wrapped around these figures, especially considering which characters they might be depicting. While the first bets are obviously on Reynolds' Deadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine, the door is wide open for other potential reveals. Perhaps a surprise from Fox's former X-Men characters? Or even a wink to Jennifer Garner's Elektra from the Daredevil saga? The possibilities are vast and wildly exciting.

    However, before we get too carried away, there's a bittersweet note to strike. The much-anticipated Deadpool 3 has, sadly, been postponed due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood. Yet, as Liefeld reassures, the element of surprise remains intact, and there's absolutely "no way [fans won’t be] surprised" when the curtains finally lift.

    In the grand world of superhero blockbusters, Deadpool 3 is crafting its own saga of suspense, excitement, and unpredictable turns. And as every ardent fan will tell you, the hype train for this cinematic joyride is only gaining speed!

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